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Champions League 2014 Final

At the outset, I was totally pessimistic on today's final between Atletico Madrid (AM) and Real Madrid (RM) - simply because Real Madrid was a much superior team in terms of individual players, experience and style of play. This effectively meant that Atletico Madrid as the "weaker" team will play to a strategy that will… Continue reading Champions League 2014 Final

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Economic Growth & Health

I have a strong conclusion that health conditions or even the awareness of good health practices are a direct function of economic prosperity of the individual. This has been arrived by looking at my family, my friends and their families around. Let me try to explain: The principle rationale behind this conclusion is based on… Continue reading Economic Growth & Health


Definitely, I am an animal !

It is said that human beings after all are animals and hence possess qualities that are called commonly as "animal instincts". However, one of the reason why these animal instincts are not displayed very often in public space is because human brains have an extra 'layer' of sanity, education, sense of 'good vs bad'. But… Continue reading Definitely, I am an animal !

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Of dictators and oppression ….

Very recently one of the leading newspapers screamed in its headlines "The Last Dictator is dead" and rightfully so as the world celebrated the death of Gaddafi amongst a turmoil burning in the streets of Libya. These incidents are often described as the win of the good over the evil and hence supported by most… Continue reading Of dictators and oppression ….

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It’s yesterday, once more ..

It's yesterday, once more .... Not a Carpenters special Another incident of terrorist attack Another incident of loss of life Another incident of tears from loved ones It's yesterday, once more ... It's yesterday, once more ... Not a Carpenters special We 'spend' billions in scams and corruption We 'spend' several hours in passing the… Continue reading It’s yesterday, once more ..