My last walk in England

It is the last walk on a sunny afternoon … though it is summer, the chill in the air was still being felt by many. Sweat, hard work, success and failures – all has been a part of my life. All these qualities are there in any human being; I do not consider myself extra-ordinary, even though some of the people do think that I am a class apart from my seniors, peers as well as the juniors across the world. But I do not feel the same – as I only believe that talent is just a beginning, it … Continue reading My last walk in England


Why T20 will further revive Test Cricket ?

It is very often apprehended by the orthodox followers of cricket that the popularity of T20 cricket (or rather entertainment) will ultimately kill the traditional game of test cricket, the gentlemen’s game. However, I do feel the opposite here – this will actually enhance the excitement of test cricket making it more popular to the masses that tend to follow test cricket, the techniques of the game rather than the slogs and defensive bowling associated with the limited versions of cricket. What the one-day internationals and now the T20 version of the game has basically done with respect to the … Continue reading Why T20 will further revive Test Cricket ?