Viva Voce

আবার সেই ইঞ্জিনীরিং পড়ার সময়কার গল্প। পড়াশোনা বাদে সবই করা হচ্ছে ঠিক ঠাক – না, এটা সত্যি কথাটা বলা হল না। ডিপার্টমেন্টাল সাবজেক্ট গুলো তাও পড়াশোনা করতাম – কারণ চার বছর বাদে ডিগ্রীটার মূল্য বোঝা যাবে চাকরির বাজারে। সেই সময় … Continue reading Viva Voce



সবে চাকরিতে তখন ঢুকেছি। কলেজের দরজা থেকে চাকরির দুনিয়াতে লাফ দেওয়াটা একটা বিরাট ব্যাপার সবার জন্য। সুবিধার চেয়ে প্রথম প্রথম অসুবিধার সংখ্যাটা বেশি চোখে লাগতো। কলেজের স্বাধীনতা নেই – বরঞ্চ একটা গন্ডির মধ্যে সব সময় থাকা – এইটা বেশ ধাক্কা … Continue reading Gopal

We want a mature, patient, civilised world …. not to be ‘trigger-happy’

We live in a so-called civilised world driven by the power of law, which has been formed by thoughtful groups and lots of common sense. One definition of ‘civilised’ means to have a high state of culture and development bound by basic virtues. We have found lots of ‘unions’ which gives us a platform to resolve issues at the highest levels, in case disputes are hard to solve at lower levels. We have vowed for following the rules, the ‘unions’, the ‘bodies’ we have formed across the world.We call ourselves ‘mature’ – which has an inherent meaning of looking at … Continue reading We want a mature, patient, civilised world …. not to be ‘trigger-happy’

Economic Growth & Health

I have a strong conclusion that health conditions or even the awareness of good health practices are a direct function of economic prosperity of the individual. This has been arrived by looking at my family, my friends and their families around. Let me try to explain: The principle rationale behind this conclusion is based on the fact that if I am not economically strong, how can I think anything beyond my basic survival strategy followed by some avenues for saving for a better future ? My life becomes circled on various transactions to reach this objective and to try to … Continue reading Economic Growth & Health

What are you doing now-a-days ?

Very often, when people meet each other after a long time, you undoubtedly listen to the question “what are you doing now-a-days ?” – isn’t it ? While we reply to that in our own ways (which basically means in our own “defensive” or “bragging” way), I often thought what exactly do people mean when they actually ask the question. Well, I have interpreted the same in a kind of way, which probably will mean something idiotic to most of the people. So, at the risk of being defined as an idiot, let me take the risk with my explanation. … Continue reading What are you doing now-a-days ?

The scene of “obscene” pricing

Very recently some of my friends, including myself, were debating on the topic of the prices of the expensive smart phones available in the market and one of the common conclusions being drawn was that the prices can be labelled as “obscene” to a common man. That led me to think what defines this definition of obscene pricing and whether the corporations have the right to go for this kind of obscene prices of products. The basic philosophy of corporations is not only to make profits but to maximize the same at a minimum cost. This is because this will … Continue reading The scene of “obscene” pricing

Let’s follow Japan

When I started my professional career, I was exposed to something called The Quality Circle, which is encouraged by many organisations. Basically, it encompassed the philosophy of one Mr. William Deming – an American who was not recognised for his recommendations, who moved to Japan on an invite and was instrumental in the rise of Japan for quality products. At one point of time, the word “Japan” symbolised lack fo quality and was looked upon with a smear on a face. However, thanks to Mr. Deming, the Japanese found out the huge potential within its production line and soon became … Continue reading Let’s follow Japan

The borrowing feats …

I will start this post with a BIG disclaimer : I am not an economist, nor do I have any competency in analysing how nations run; but I am a commoner with some basic views that I claim as “common-sense”. I am sure the experts will disagree with my views – but if they do so, I would appreciate if they help me ‘learn’ by explaining the rationale behind their disagreement. The experts say that the world is interconnected – and in all sphere’s of life. It’s just not the internet that is the backbone behind the interconnection, but all … Continue reading The borrowing feats …