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Quite elementary, my dear readers !

Today was one of those days which I fear the most. It was a day of unnecessary waiting for a 15 minute appointment with my doctor for a routine checkup. Going to the checkup driving more than an hour is something that is not strenuous, but waiting there for more than 2.5 hours is something… Continue reading Quite elementary, my dear readers !

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অনেকদিন পর লিখতে গেলে প্রথমে মনে হয় কি নিয়ে লিখি এইবার। কিন্তু হঠাৎ করে যদি আলোচনার বিষয় মাথায় এসে যায় - তাহলে আধ্যেক চাপ কমে যায়। আমার এই চাপটা থাকতো, যদি না সেদিন রাস্তায় কাকে বলতে শুনলাম L14B বাসের কথা বলতে। সঙ্গে সঙ্গে মনে পরে গেল এক ঘটনা - সেটাই লিখছি এখন। L14B বলে একটা… Continue reading L14B

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Viva Voce

আবার সেই ইঞ্জিনীরিং পড়ার সময়কার গল্প। পড়াশোনা বাদে সবই করা হচ্ছে ঠিক ঠাক - না, এটা সত্যি কথাটা বলা হল না। ডিপার্টমেন্টাল সাবজেক্ট গুলো তাও পড়াশোনা করতাম - কারণ চার বছর বাদে ডিগ্রীটার মূল্য বোঝা যাবে চাকরির বাজারে। সেই সময় যদি ট্রান্সফরমার এর থ্রী ফেইস না বলতে পারি, তাহলে তো চাকরিটা হবেই না, তার উপরে… Continue reading Viva Voce

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I, me and Sachin

Those who know me well will vouch with full conviction that I hate waking up early in the morning and I prefer to be a late-night person. So, when I had a grueling three weeks in office including some of the weekends as well, I had looked forward for a day off yesterday when at… Continue reading I, me and Sachin


We want a mature, patient, civilised world …. not to be ‘trigger-happy’

We live in a so-called civilised world driven by the power of law, which has been formed by thoughtful groups and lots of common sense. One definition of 'civilised' means to have a high state of culture and development bound by basic virtues. We have found lots of 'unions' which gives us a platform to… Continue reading We want a mature, patient, civilised world …. not to be ‘trigger-happy’

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It’s yesterday, once more ..

It's yesterday, once more .... Not a Carpenters special Another incident of terrorist attack Another incident of loss of life Another incident of tears from loved ones It's yesterday, once more ... It's yesterday, once more ... Not a Carpenters special We 'spend' billions in scams and corruption We 'spend' several hours in passing the… Continue reading It’s yesterday, once more ..

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The donkeys and the monkeys

In the cricketing world, a controversy has been again created by Nasser Hussain by describing some of the Indian fielders as donkeys on the field. I am not sure whether he really meant the same - most probably not. But what I liked was how the Indian cricket team reacted - basically, they did not… Continue reading The donkeys and the monkeys