FIFA world cup – Knockouts: France Vs Argentina #mytake

What a match. While the much better team won the thrilling match 4-3, it’s a sad farewell to one of the great players of the beautiful game, Leo Messi. Unfortunately, he could not live up to the level of the … Continue reading FIFA world cup – Knockouts: France Vs Argentina #mytake


Who is providing maximum number of players in the 2018 World Cup?

It is just less than 7 days left for the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The international friendly practice matches are almost done as the last testing zones of the strategies to be adopted in the world cup. The final 23 number squads have been finalised and published to all early this week. Now it’s just the final build-up before the crescendo begins with colour fans, drinks, music and of course, lots of football and action on and off the fields. Few days ago, I had written a blog (see the link below) wherein I attempted to arrive … Continue reading Who is providing maximum number of players in the 2018 World Cup?

10 defining moments of 2014

Another year has just passed by and as we welcome the new year of 2015, I took the first new year resolution that I will pen down 10 defining moments of 2014, which I feel had impacted the world. I am sure 2015 will be an exciting and good year for me – because, here I am taking time out on 1st Jan to honour my new year resolution. Believe me, this is a record for me and I pat my back myself :-) Coming away from the self-glory mode, let me focus on really writing on the 10 defining … Continue reading 10 defining moments of 2014

Indian Super League (ISL) – the saviour or the conqueror ?

The Indian Super League (ISL) has just kicked off in India with a great optimism that it will transform Indian soccer and the “sleeping giants” will wake up and be a formidable soccer power in next 10-15 years. Yes, it has attracted lots of attention in the recent past – good money flowing in, a large number of “star” world cuppers will be in action, lot of media hype surrounding the event, Bollywood and Sports heroes in the fray, big advertisements – all the ingredients for a masala dish are out and are being mixed in true Indian fashion.   … Continue reading Indian Super League (ISL) – the saviour or the conqueror ?

Champions League 2014 Final

At the outset, I was totally pessimistic on today’s final between Atletico Madrid (AM) and Real Madrid (RM) – simply because Real Madrid was a much superior team in terms of individual players, experience and style of play. This effectively meant that Atletico Madrid as the “weaker” team will play to a strategy that will be hardly entertaining. As I believe a weaker team will have to play defensive and a “negative” brand of football, relying on either counter-attacks, slice of luck or eventually the “lottery” system of penalties. This is the way I have seen football evolved over years … Continue reading Champions League 2014 Final

The dreams goes on and on ….

The curtains are dropping down the horizon Destiny has played with some Some had tears of happiness while others had of disappointment Yet the dreams go on and on …. The sun will rise again tomorrow to alight a fresh new day Morning sky will be lit by the white clouds The smell of the dew will die down slowly The sweat will start to drip from the faces Yet the dreams go on and on ….. The struggle and fight continues The quest for excellence envelops the fatigue of the human body The limitless sky calls for perfection And … Continue reading The dreams goes on and on ….