The battle between ISL and iLeague in India

It's very often told by many that the future of football in Indian football is the Indian Super League (ISL) - which is the new born baby of AIFF and Reliance led FSDL organisation. It started with a 2 month masala tournament and was then forced to extend for a greater part of the footballing… Continue reading The battle between ISL and iLeague in India

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Idiots at the helm

The saga surrounding the condition of Indian football has been running for years. When I was a child, the only football that we could see through the idiot box was domestic leagues and various tournaments hosted through the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and it's affiliate organisations like the IFA based in Bengal and so… Continue reading Idiots at the helm

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Quite elementary, my dear readers !

Today was one of those days which I fear the most. It was a day of unnecessary waiting for a 15 minute appointment with my doctor for a routine checkup. Going to the checkup driving more than an hour is something that is not strenuous, but waiting there for more than 2.5 hours is something… Continue reading Quite elementary, my dear readers !

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ছোট বাথরুম

সেই বছর অফিসের কাজে এদিক ওদিক খুব ঘুরতে হচ্ছে। একদিকে যেমন নতুন জায়গা বা নতুন শহর দেখার আনন্দ থাকে, অন্যদিকে একটা ক্লান্তিও চলে আসে যদি সপ্তাহে প্রায় তিন দিন বাইরে থাকতে হয়। তা নতুন একটা শহরে পৌঁছেছি বরফ পড়ার মধ্যে। সালটা হবে বোধহয় ২০১৩। একে ল্যাজ বিশিষ্ট বাঙালি যারা ১৭ ডিগ্রী তে মাংকি কাপ পড়তে… Continue reading ছোট বাথরুম

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‘Fair’ Journalism

When I was in my teens, I remember that the main source of getting information was through a limited number of newspapers and Doordarshan News. The debate that time was on the style of reporting - amongst the English newspapers in my home city of Kolkata, while it was reported that The Statesman did 'direct'… Continue reading ‘Fair’ Journalism

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10 defining moments of 2014

Another year has just passed by and as we welcome the new year of 2015, I took the first new year resolution that I will pen down 10 defining moments of 2014, which I feel had impacted the world. I am sure 2015 will be an exciting and good year for me - because, here… Continue reading 10 defining moments of 2014

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Indian Super League (ISL) – the saviour or the conqueror ?

The Indian Super League (ISL) has just kicked off in India with a great optimism that it will transform Indian soccer and the "sleeping giants" will wake up and be a formidable soccer power in next 10-15 years. Yes, it has attracted lots of attention in the recent past - good money flowing in, a… Continue reading Indian Super League (ISL) – the saviour or the conqueror ?

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Champions League 2014 Final

At the outset, I was totally pessimistic on today's final between Atletico Madrid (AM) and Real Madrid (RM) - simply because Real Madrid was a much superior team in terms of individual players, experience and style of play. This effectively meant that Atletico Madrid as the "weaker" team will play to a strategy that will… Continue reading Champions League 2014 Final

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Indian elections 2014

The 2014 elections of India are over, the verdict is out, the process of getting the mandate from 500+ million people across 930,000+ polling booths have been completed, the happiness of the victors and the despair of the losers are out in the open. Yet, as a common man, I find this particular election fascinating… Continue reading Indian elections 2014

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The continuous change

“The only thing that is constant is change” – never before this statement of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is true than today. The world has changed dramatically in last 10-20 years – and I am referring to the positive change, not the negativity surrounding the change (like inequality, extremism & radical views, etc). And we… Continue reading The continuous change