Snake bite

সঞ্জয় কোম্পানির একাউন্টস ডিপার্টমেন্টে কাজ করে। আমার খুব কাছের বন্ধু – ওর মতন হাসি খুশি লোক খুব কম পাওয়া যায়। তবে ও আবার প্রচন্ড দুষ্টু – ওর মাথায় সর্বদা বিটকেল সব আইডিয়া মাথায় কিলবিল করে। সেই জন্য লোকজন ওকে আবার … Continue reading Snake bite


Unfair competition

স্কুলের গন্ডি পেরিয়ে কলেজে ঢুকলে মনে হয় যেন রাজ্য জয় করে ফিরছি – তাই না? পাখির পাখনা গজিয়েছে – ইচ্ছা হলে উড়বে, আবার ইচ্ছা না হলে ক্লাসে বসে থাকবে। এ যেন জীবনের রাস্তায় যেতে যেতে প্রথম বড়ো হয়ে ওঠার আস্বাদ … Continue reading Unfair competition

Corruption Allegations

Indian political horizon is currently under a big storm – with potential impacts more than what we have recently seen with Sandy in US. This storm is man-made – made by one Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of a newly founded political party whose priority is to “expose” the reverend and famous politicians and industrialists who hog the headlines all the time. Whether these are actual exposures or not, we do not know; but I am sure these are very serious allegations of corruption. Now the question being asked repeatedly by many sections is that this kind of ‘politics’ is … Continue reading Corruption Allegations

Reveal the money, honey !

I was going through the global headlines in the net, when I saw this news in The Telegraph, UK and I quote an excerpt below along with the link to the detailed news: The US government has warned 10 Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse, that they must hand over confidential information exposing tax cheats by tomorrow or face legal proceedings. URL : This struck me quite hard and forced me to look at the intention of the governments of world’s two largest democracies, US and India, on the topic of corruption – which strikes any country with varied intensity levels. … Continue reading Reveal the money, honey !

Corruption & Lokpal Bill

The issue that has been raging in India for years has been corruption. You might argue that the noises against corruption has risen recently – maybe true, but we all know that one of the big menace that India as a nation face is the rising trend of corruption. You and I face that probably every day in our lives – whether you apply for a new phone connection, whether you try to upgrade your electricity meter capacity, whether you want to pay your road-tax, whether you want to change your property ownership – everywhere it is that you give … Continue reading Corruption & Lokpal Bill