Quite elementary, my dear readers !

Today was one of those days which I fear the most. It was a day of unnecessary waiting for a 15 minute appointment with my doctor for a routine checkup. Going to the checkup driving more than an hour is … Continue reading Quite elementary, my dear readers !


Let’s shatter our brains !

The world has lost a great innovator of recent times in the name of Steve Jobs and there are so many articles coming out highlighting his nature, his unconventional thinking and his great speech of 2005 asking the graduates to “stay focused and to stay foolish”. If we see the recent stalwarts of technology driven businesses, three names stand apart from the rest of the crowd : Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. All of them have redefined lives in some ways, irrespective of the fact whether we like it or not. And two of them have a strange … Continue reading Let’s shatter our brains !