Corruption & Lokpal Bill

The issue that has been raging in India for years has been corruption. You might argue that the noises against corruption has risen recently – maybe true, but we all know that one of the big menace that India as a nation face is the rising trend of corruption. You and I face that probably every day in our lives – whether you apply for a new phone connection, whether you try to upgrade your electricity meter capacity, whether you want to pay your road-tax, whether you want to change your property ownership – everywhere it is that you give … Continue reading Corruption & Lokpal Bill


Freedom now !

The journey from 1947 to 2011 has been long and steady, fulfilling promises and aspirations and yet troubled at parts. And I am sure that this road will go on and on for many more years to come – because, we and our country have fundamentally that patience, respect of other’s views to survive the onslaught of time.  But still as a free Indian, I want Freedom NOW from some important aspects of my simple life. First is the embarrassment of subjugation & defeat of our beloved cricket team. We can lose matches – that’s not the point. But we … Continue reading Freedom now !

The borrowing feats …

I will start this post with a BIG disclaimer : I am not an economist, nor do I have any competency in analysing how nations run; but I am a commoner with some basic views that I claim as “common-sense”. I am sure the experts will disagree with my views – but if they do so, I would appreciate if they help me ‘learn’ by explaining the rationale behind their disagreement. The experts say that the world is interconnected – and in all sphere’s of life. It’s just not the internet that is the backbone behind the interconnection, but all … Continue reading The borrowing feats …

Do what you want to do …..

Films reflect the happenings of our society – it’s a mirror of the current happenings, the positives and the negatives of our current society. Hence, films are nothing but us – you and me; and this realisation is not a rocket science invention. Very often, some of the films do touch us quite deeply – this happens because we as individuals either feel very strongly about the theme of the film or we are often ‘victims’ of life on the same issues that are depicted so strongly in the movie. Films are really a ‘strong’ story-teller in all respects. Recently … Continue reading Do what you want to do …..

Understanding the market of inventories

In case you are wondering what is a market of inventory, where do I find that, etc – well, I was just referring to the Stock Market. I know some of you might immediately react that I am trying to achieve something that no one in the world has been able to do so far in the history of mankind. They also remind me that you cannot understand two things in the world – women and stock market – and both of them believe in keeping ‘stocks’ – one likes to keep ‘stock’ of unwanted things that they get through … Continue reading Understanding the market of inventories

The choice for choices ?

It has been reported in Indian press that very soon, the Government of India will be allowing 51% FDI participation in Retail in India. This will be an occasion which will trigger of huge amount of debate amongst the people here with mixed opinion. One one hand, we will have supporters of this decision as they want more options, more choice and more attractive prices amidst a free-for-all cut-throat competition. It is often stated by many people in US that Walmart is one of the factors that has helped America control her inflation. Whether this is the sole factor or … Continue reading The choice for choices ?

Need to live … just to prove a point

The evening falls The cool breeze flutters his hair as he trudges along The bird flies towards the nest As he moves towards his “home” in the shanties Tiredness envelop the small eyes The thought of hunger occasionally brushes his mind Need to sleep, need to sleep   Two breads and a bowl of vegetables One of the expensive dinners he can afford He wants to see a clear sky with the stars burning bright Only to be greeted by four drops of rain from a cloudy night Who cares about tomorrow when today is not yet finished The torn shirt speaks … Continue reading Need to live … just to prove a point

The strange marriage of convenience

It is often said that politics can have strange bed-fellows – hovering on achieving the self-interests of the individuals rather than concentrating on mutual well-beings. It happens across political parties within India, across the world – it also happens across countries. Here I am referring to the marriage between USA and Pakistan. It is true that the world dynamics have changed after 9/11; the impact of that incident has not only changed the definition of terrorism, but these changes have impacted common human lives as well. The very thought that a city or a country can be hit by the … Continue reading The strange marriage of convenience

Evolution – for good or bad ?

I hereby attempt to compare the changing face of two popular sports (at least for many Indians) – Cricket and Soccer. I tend to compare the current state of matters in the respective World Cups with the versions that I watched in the late 80’s and try to conclude whether the evolution of the game has become exciting for the new generation or has taken a step back. First comes Cricket, of course – how can go for anything else being an Indian :-) The current rules and regulations have made the game ‘exciting’ for a generation who did not … Continue reading Evolution – for good or bad ?

The case of Darrel and Daryl

Very recently, there was a controversy surrounding the Indian cricket team and Daryl Harper, an umpire from Australia – which eventually ‘forced’ Daryl Harper to step-down from his scheduled last test match in his career. Who was correct in this case is not my topic of debate. Only thing that I can say is that with technology / video footage, people can analyse the value of correct umpiring and parallelly, a team as a single entity do have the right to express their opinion. If ICC stops that freedom, then they should also stop anyone from criticising the wrongs – … Continue reading The case of Darrel and Daryl