Music is life and life is music – if we can endorse this philosophy in our daily lives, we will be so happy – isn’t it. This page is therefore dedicated to music – music that I love to hear. Hope you enjoy them as well :-)


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  1. AyanDa, firstly thanks for chosing to let urself known so wonderfully . This itself is quite inique in this era of shrinking ideology and ever colapsing thoughts of our horizon. MUSIC : In some cold night,at some very distant place, when there was every reason to get back to bed, we spent several hrs listening Rabindra Sangit. Let me admit that as the best time listening any songs in my life. Later i tried to get back that dezavo moments,but never happened. It never happens. Life is full of moments,only waiting to be unique. By the way- for others, It was a winter night at hotel parthenon in Saopaulo._Brazil.

  2. I found quite a number of my favourite musicians sitting in your blog . That’s actually great . We can talk about blogging music .

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