Sachin and wealth

Let me discuss something very weird and to an extent funny – firstly, this has nothing to do with Sachin Tendulkar’s personal wealth – everybody knows that he is one of the richest sportsman in India and deservedly he has earned all that by performing over so many years. Today wanted to explore whether Sachin’s performance has any linkage to the unpredictable and ever volatile India stock market. Sounds funny ? I am sure it does and some of the statistics shown here would suggest that there might be a direct linkage between his centuries and the rise and fall … Continue reading Sachin and wealth


Let’s shatter our brains !

The world has lost a great innovator of recent times in the name of Steve Jobs and there are so many articles coming out highlighting his nature, his unconventional thinking and his great speech of 2005 asking the graduates to “stay focused and to stay foolish”. If we see the recent stalwarts of technology driven businesses, three names stand apart from the rest of the crowd : Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. All of them have redefined lives in some ways, irrespective of the fact whether we like it or not. And two of them have a strange … Continue reading Let’s shatter our brains !

The balancing act

The recent but year-long (more than a year ?) crisis at Greece has the potential impact across the world – probably we are already looking at the early symptoms. The stock market in India is hovering around 16000 mark against a 19000 value not so long ago – and this is in a country which is still projected for a 7% growth where many of the other countries are under negative or zero growth. And what we are witnessing in Greece will probably be repeated across various countries if things just cascade down and across. That brings out the question … Continue reading The balancing act

The immortal creation that appeals to generation after generation ….

With just a few weeks to one of the biggest celebrations triggering off across the Bengali community in the world, the first thing that comes to my mind is the evergreen creation of Mahisashur Mardini played at 4 am on the Mahalaya day. This creation still appeals to all generations, still is as popular as ever and still is one of the best ‘classics’ created by Bengal – scripted by Bani Kumar, music directed by Pankaj Mallick and rendered immortal through the unique recitation by Birendra Krishna Bhadra. To me, this atmosphere at 4 am, every Mahalaya actually paves in … Continue reading The immortal creation that appeals to generation after generation ….

It’s yesterday, once more ..

It’s yesterday, once more …. Not a Carpenters special Another incident of terrorist attack Another incident of loss of life Another incident of tears from loved ones It’s yesterday, once more … It’s yesterday, once more … Not a Carpenters special We ‘spend’ billions in scams and corruption We ‘spend’ several hours in passing the buck We ‘spend’ efforts to take political mileage It’s yesterday, once more … It’s yesterday, once more … Not a Carpenters special Value of life is so ‘cheap’ Our expression of helplessness is so ‘cheap’ Our excuses are so ‘cheap’ It’s yesterday, once more … … Continue reading It’s yesterday, once more ..

The donkeys and the monkeys

In the cricketing world, a controversy has been again created by Nasser Hussain by describing some of the Indian fielders as donkeys on the field. I am not sure whether he really meant the same – most probably not. But what I liked was how the Indian cricket team reacted – basically, they did not react at all. I think that is an example of maturity, unlike what we are normally used to see from countries like Australia or England. But let’s do a role reversal, even if it is hypothetical. If Ravi Shastri or any other Indian described the … Continue reading The donkeys and the monkeys

Reveal the money, honey !

I was going through the global headlines in the net, when I saw this news in The Telegraph, UK and I quote an excerpt below along with the link to the detailed news: The US government has warned 10 Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse, that they must hand over confidential information exposing tax cheats by tomorrow or face legal proceedings. URL : This struck me quite hard and forced me to look at the intention of the governments of world’s two largest democracies,¬†US and India, on the topic of corruption – which strikes any country with varied intensity levels. … Continue reading Reveal the money, honey !

The fact of undiminished passion

Here is a country that ranks in the 150’s in the world, here is a city where people crib about lack of amenities, here are tourists who highlight about the great divide between the have’s and the have-not’s, here is a weather equivalent to natural sauna which prevents people to venture outdoors, here are the localites who struggle for employment – Yet, here is that city where the law of undiminished passion reigns. This is the city of Kolkata or erstwhile Calcutta ! In a country where sports means either mediocre (read ‘poor’) performance or only cricket, I sometimes wonder … Continue reading The fact of undiminished passion

The great homecoming … a candid interview

Being a resident outside Bengal, it has been always a great occasion to come every year during the Puja’s with my mother and other brothers and sisters. Actually, with so many relatives and close friends and families in Bengal, I look forward to this visit every year. You know when the excitement starts for me ? Not during the pandal making nor during the puja shopping (as outside Bengal, I do not see that actually happening) – the actual build-up inside me starts when the Mahalaya comes up. I know many of you are so fond of getting up at … Continue reading The great homecoming … a candid interview

Corruption & Lokpal Bill

The issue that has been raging in India for years has been corruption. You might argue that the noises against corruption has risen recently – maybe true, but we all know that one of the big menace that India as a nation face is the rising trend of corruption. You and I face that probably every day in our lives – whether you apply for a new phone connection, whether you try to upgrade your electricity meter capacity, whether you want to pay your road-tax, whether you want to change your property ownership – everywhere it is that you give … Continue reading Corruption & Lokpal Bill