Till we meet you again in another name ….

Cyclone Amphan
We didn’t know how to pronounce your name
Yet, yesterday, you came
To show your might
And for sure, you did that right
You growled and howled through the night
Tried to destroy whatever you saw
Tried to enter our homes by force
And yes, we sat in the dark truly frightened

Saw some crows perched on top of the buildings
Looking at their broken homes with despair
Yet showing defiance to you ….

Saw some frantic sparrows shrieking in horror
Desperate to find their family members
Yet flying right in your face ….

The street dogs were howling and moaning
In the fear of the unknown
Running here and there to find some shelter
Yet ignoring you as they run past you ….

The red ants are gone
Hopefully in a safe shack
Will remain hungry for a couple of days
Yet will show you their back….

The clouds are still dark
And there will be the occasional thunder
You might keep on pouring to surpass our tears
Yet all living beings will continue to live inspite of you being quite near ….

The childhood tree has gone
Memories remain
You might rejoice for a day
But we will have the last say
We will plant a new tree
Which will bloom and grow
To create new memories
To make it a great show
And it will bloom and grow
Till we meet you again in another name ….

Till we meet you again in another name ….

Till we meet you again in another name ….

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