FIFA World Cup: knockouts – Brazil Vs Mexico #mytake

Brazil Vs Mexico always promises an entertaining football with less focus on defenses and more on scoring goals. Definitely got the money’s worth in today’s match, though had expected an uniform number of attacks from both sides.

  1. It was expected that Mexico will display some pacy football with Javier Hernandez and Lozano spearheading the attacks. They started very promising in first 15-20 minutes, but after that slowly faded away from the game.
  2. The entire team of Brazil played to its high reputation. However, if I have to pick up one single player, it will be Willian. His solo runs down the flank as well as him cutting across often split the Mexican defense to a point of zero return.
  3. Neymar was very good as well. But I felt that at many occasions, he was quite selfish and had he released the ball to his other teammates on those instances, Brazil could have scored more goals. This is a point that Brazil needs to have in mind as they progress further in the tournament.
  4. With 20 shots on goal, 10 on target, Brazil was tormenting the Mexicans even though Brazil had 48% ball possession. What was more impressive for Brazil was that out of the 20 shots on goal, 14 were taken inside the box. In comparison, inspite of having higher ball possession, Mexico managed just 14 shots with 7 inside the box. Brazil’s defense played exceptionally well and kept their organisation and formation throughout. This was reflected in Brazil winning 72 duels against a number of 54 for the Mexican defense.
  5. What surprised me was that even at the last stages of the match (after 70 minutes), Mexico never gave the desperate sting and could not show some of their pace when they were trailing by 0-1. It was a now or never situation for them – but that desperation was not seen. Maybe they also realised the quality of this Brazilian team and was mentally resigned to the eventuality.

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