Who is providing maximum number of players in the 2018 World Cup?

It is just less than 7 days left for the kick-off of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The international friendly practice matches are almost done as the last testing zones of the strategies to be adopted in the world cup. The final 23 number squads have been finalised and published to all early this week. Now it’s just the final build-up before the crescendo begins with colour fans, drinks, music and of course, lots of football and action on and off the fields.

Few days ago, I had written a blog (see the link below) wherein I attempted to arrive at a trend of European football as most of the players across continents dream to play in Europe due to more exposure, money and limelight.

European Football trends

Now if we analyse the final teams of each of the countries and try to find out which clubs contribute these players (across all 32 teams), following hypothesis is again reinforced in today’s world soccer arena:

  • Europe attracts world talent undoubtedly than any other continents, including South America
  • Within Europe, it’s mainly the English Premier League (EPL) top teams who contribute the most. No wonder, EPL is the most popular league in the world with most viewing, maximum money inflow, etc. Probably the EPL is not polarised with just 1 or 2 top teams; there are at least 7-8 teams who are close to each other and give strong competition in the leagues. However, what baffles me is that why English Clubs are not so successful in UEFA Champions League in last 8-10 years !
  • Apart from EPL, it’s La Liga in Spain who contributes a lot. Then they are followed by France, Germany and Italy.

Here is the data:

Country Players
England (across 4 clubs) 51
Spain (across 2 clubs, no prizes for guessing which are these clubs !) 29
France (from 1 club – again no prizes for guessing !) 12
Germany (from 1 club – again no prizes for guessing !) 11
Italy (from 1 club – again no prizes for guessing !) 11

If we go deep another level of the above data and look at the club names (arranged in an ascending order based on the number of players coming from the clubs), it’s obvious that there are no surprises coming up. It’s the known big-shots who are shooting again big time :-)

Club Country Players
Manchester City England 16
Real Madrid Spain 15
Barcelona Spain 14
Chelsea England 12
Paris Saint-Germain France 12
Tottenham Hotspur England 12
Bayern Munich Germany 11
Juventus Italy 11
Manchester United England 11

So irrespective of which country lifts the world cup this year, Europe and the listed clubs will take pride on their contribution to Russia World Cup 2018 !!


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