The end of globalisation and the strengthening of the right wing ?

Let’s see some of the critical incidents that happened in last 3 years. Incidents that are likely to have deep impact on the interconnected world.

  • The tumbling of the unity of the Euro currency within the European Union – with subsequent noises coming from Greece, Italy, Spain, etc that had a promise to break the very existence of the European Union
  • Clamour for Scottish independence and the subsequent referendum that almost rocked the concept of Great Britian
  • The Brexit decision by the people of the United Kingdom
  • Donald Trump as the President of the United Stated with his radical ideas for America
  • Noise coming out from countries like Italy

All the above incidents have been dealing blows after blows on united regionalism and globalisation. The very essence of corporate globalisation defined by optimal and low cost sourcing across an unified connected world is now under threat. Organisations can no longer neglect local issues and the impact strength of these local issues have gone stronger and stronger. Profitability at any cost within the legal domains is now being boxed in by forcing organisations to first have a look on addressing local issues first.

Engagement of the local people in terms of economic growth and prosperity was there always – but the power of influence has grown exponentially in last three / four years. Add to that the complexity of geo political situation in various parts of the world where the repurcussions of unstable governments are becoming higher and higher. Both views obviously has their pro’s and cons – hence, there is no correct binary answer. But what is very clear now is that the world has to.recognise and accept the so-called “radical” thinking on the rise across various countries. People can contest the usage of the word radical in this contexy; but I would assume that no one probably will be contesting the fact that the world has changed quite a bit in the last few years.

Therefore if any organisation feels that they can afford to neglect this aspect, then I would think that either they will commit a big mistake by being naive in a delicate situation. Acknowledging the current situation should be the first step, irrespective of whether we like it or not. Once we acknowledge this as a reality, then I am sure different models will evolve to come to a  balanced midway solution between total globalisation and that “radicalisation”.

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