AI can evolve into something we don’t want to see

The battle for Artificial Intelligence or AI is up for grabs. Already all leading corporations are spending huge money and time to build upon the challenge of AI helping mankind. However the debate on whether AI is ultimately good for human civilization is also hotting up good time. The sci-fi movies on robots evolving and finally establishing supremacy on humans has been there for some years now. That may come to a reality when AI will reach a stage when robots can produce other robots on their own.

Google has predicted that five years from now, AI will reach at a level which will be at the level of human beings. All other AI experts might dispute on the time frame, but I don’t think anybody has disputed that AI has the capability to reach the human being level and hence can then go ahead of humans when it comes to intelligence. So the possibility of the earth being ruled by machines are quite high. Based on media reports, China is building up a huge setup to explore contacts with aliens – and if that happens one day where the so called aliens having higher intelligence gets in touch with earth ruled by AI more than humans, the impact will be huge. But that’s for a longer time horizon we are looking for – a horizon which I am unlikely to witness. Phew!

However the other negative implications are quite imminent as was evident when Microsoft apologized for racist and offensive tweets from its AI engine. Refer to the below news report from the Guardian :

This leads to many possibilities which are more likely to happen in the near future. Soon, feeding up the AI engines through government organisations and stronger countries are likely to happen which will lead to forced propaganda across big sets of populations. The very concept of free thought, freedom of speech might be under threat if AI is used by government or corporation machinery. Further, if terrorist organizations can access the feeding part effectively, this will lead to justifications and glorification of terror activities, impacting the thought process of  millions of next generation children. Already many such organisations like ISIS are turning out to be tech savvy organisations – hence the possibility of such groups doing a forced molding of AI to defend their sets of actions are quite high.

Now all technologies have their positives and negatives. Einstein’s E=mc2 provoked the atom bomb; the evolution of weapons of mass destruction got accelerated from advancement of technogy; internet has caused a parallel track of hacking, fraud; etc. But AI has the possibility of leading to an area which has never been faced or seen by humans. Therefore the impact of the same can be extremely useful for mankind on one hand and also catastrophic on the extreme.

Only time will tell how we, humans, let AI be used……

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