Innovation when commercialised…

Recently got a post from one of my Facebook friends which got me quite excited as this had the potential to serve the poor across the world. This was a great innovation where an advertising billboard was actually tapping the natural humidity to covert into pure & healthy drinking water. So this was a combination of commercial advertisement along with a service to serve mankind.

If I think of countries like India, Bangladesh or any tropical countries where humidity comes free with soaring temperatures during summer and where a large population lives under such poverty that the availability of pure hygenic drinking water is often considered as a luxury in life; this kind of innovation has the potential to serve mankind big time !!

But what I  am afraid is that some corporations may see this as a way to mint more money. They may take patents to define monopoly of use & then probably ask for 80% to 90% profit margins when it is commercialised when people will request for these innovations to be put into use in the poorest of poor villages to serve the real downtrodden people. And yet the same corporations may claim service through their “corporate social responsibilities” into their marketing campaigns to pursue more customers & more profit!

Really hope that better sense prevails for such innovations & all organisations stands up to limit the lust for profits & serves humanity where small actions from big companies can really transform lives of millions for good…

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