When going home is a vacation…..

Like many of you, I too have a lot of friends and colleagues who live outside India – either they are settled down in a foreign country or they work there for some years now or they are on short term assignments for a year or two. Recently, due to the summer in Europe, a couple of my friends are going back to India…. and it is defined as “vacation”. That made me think that when going home is a vacation, then something’s wrong , isn’t it ?

We normally associate home with something that we see at the end of a tiring day….  when you return weary and sleepy… when you see your family… when you relax on your comfortable sofa…. when you switch on the television and watch the news… when you have a relaxing dinner with your family…  and finally when you retire for the day in your comfortable bed and go to a peaceful sleep….  well that’s home…

So home is a daily phenomenon, it’s a life as usual activity, it’s as regular as daily sunrise and sunset, it’s like your breathing – you don’t even sometimes realise that you are actually breathing…..

In such a scenario, why will going home be a vacation, when it is supposed to be part of your daily life?

Well, I think this happens only when you miss something so deep and so intense when you are abroad, then you call going home a ‘vacation’ …. Probably modern life, definition of opportunities and work has evolved so much over years that while pursuing the inevitable thing called work and career, you pay a hefty price … a price of leaving your actual “home” and trying to build a new “home”, which in spite of your best efforts does not replace your original “home” ……

And then we say happily and proudly “I am going on vacation, I am going home” ……..

PS> I too am looking forward for my vacation to go “home” … hopefully soon :-)

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