Division of the state ?

Recently India announced the formation of the 29th state named Telengana. I am sure that many expert heads brainstormed the pros and cons behind the decision, valued the impact of the decision on the people, the political process, the economy, growth and all other elements that a common person like me can think of. Probably this will be for the good only and pessimists like me will be taught a lesson in the years to come.

But today I am confused on the parameters that needs to be considered by any agency before they take such a decision. Going by the internet reports, there was a “history” behind the formation of this state which had aged more than 50/60 years. Hence this was a case that merited  such a decision, I have been told by the news reports.

Now is it that only historical cases merit such a decision ? Or is it that there can be additional parameters like lack of development, diverse culture, diverse language, even diverse physical looks which can influence a decision of split positively ?

On the other hand, what happens to the unity and concept of a nation? Is this something that will trigger of lot of such demands for a separate state with a totally new governance model and financial budgets, political process?    Maybe it is a time bound decision, when demands raised today will be entertained after another 50 years, as then you will have a long ” history” to make the decision at that point of time? Does these decisions indicate the failure of the current governance and political process ? And to hide the same, you tend to take this kind of decision? Are these decisions linked to the definition of voting units which will benefit some parties and all the visible reasons of economic development are actually low priority issues?

Too many questions for which I am struggling to get an answer….. maybe this indicates my stupidity and hence I should just shut up?


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