Power plugs stop globalisation !!

In today’s world, globalisation is no longer a wish list, but a reality. We live in a truly interconnected world, even social lives are integrated through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc etc. Any major event that occurs in one part of the world is no longer an ‘isolated’ incident confined to that city or state or nation. It impacts the entire world with varied degree of severity.

Take the example of 9/11 – the incident changed the very notion of travelling and travel related processes. It starts with intensive security checks, background checks, big time questioning during immigration, etc etc. Or take the financial scams that rocked the world in US with almost a virtual meltdown across the globe. One nation’s financial institutions went bankrupt and the erruptions were felt even in remote corners of the world with stock markets crashing down. So, today we live all together like an octopus – one impact on one tentacle makes all the other tentacles mobile.

With globalisation came the process of standardisation. Why will different corporations or different nations follow different tax structures ? Hence, the pressures of standardising tax policies across nations are high – with stronger countries flexing their muscles on the weaker ones and trying to force similar tax regimes to allow competition on level playing terms. If one country ‘protects’ its interests in terms of job employment, the others start shouting and then we see such a strange alliance of diversified nations being ‘united’ all together to abolish any protectionism. Climate changes and policies on carbon emissions are being pushed for standardisation – everybody has to follow same emission structures irrespective of whether the nation’s infrastructure is able to cope up with the same.

Even governance of countries are being subject to standardisation : if I have a vested interest in a specific country ruled by military and carries a big value proposition of huge reserves of natural wealth, the process of governances seems to be standardised – find out faults and human rights issues, start making noise in international forum, provoke the nations, use big rhetoric till it culminates into a ‘war’, remove the existing powers and then standardise the governance of one-shirt-fits-all way of management and slowly take control of some of those reserves.

Standardisation everywhere … at least the thinking is there from all nations … some are successful in driving those, others who cannot start to shout ‘foul play’ … but the pursuit is on.

However, I found out that one thing has stopped standardisation and globalisation. And no nation is shouting or probably even thinking of tackling that issue. What is that ? Well, it’s power plugs !!

Why on earth we have so many different shapes, so many different designs, so many different obstacles to transmit power to domestic appliances ??? If you don’t believe so, just look at the below picture – why will a working table in a hotel room in an international city have so many power plugs (and I could not take the entire lot in the picture frame) ????


Power plugs have stopped globalisations …. Hail the super-power : the simple power plug !!!!

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