A shuddering night to remember

The lights went off suddenly turning the entire place into a platform of weird shadows ….

the dim blue light distorted the silhouette’s into something eerie …

the sound of the silence was broken by the occasional wails of small children ….

followed by the immediate hushing from the anxious parents ….

the occasional sleepy nods disturbed by the sudden jerk-like springing action of life …

the atmosphere woken up by the rustling of the blankets ….

the sleepy people waking up all of a sudden and trying to figure what’s happening besides them ….

the thirsty throats gulping down some water as if the world is coming to an end  ……

the sudden stealthy walks of ladies with some drinks on a tray ….

the nervous glance to the watches with necks strained to catch the time in the dark night ….

the occasional sigh’s of people missing their loved ones …..

the constant humming of the motor in the background ….

the sudden fall of the blankets from the tired bodies ….

the continous strain of the neck of the tilted person against the window …..

the distant snores from the tired old person …..

the never-asleep humans sipping on the drink with heavy eyelids …..

yet, the continous travel continues piercing the black clouds




well, it looks like dooms day is just round the corner ….

Noooooooooooooo …. I was just describing the situation inside a plane travelling across the night when people are sleeping – nothing else -))

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