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Whether it is related to work or pleasure or everything personal, today’s modern tech-savvy world speaks of portable and light-weight devices, connection to the external world and comfort along with ease of use. Therefore, as an individual who needs to move around frequently, I was thinking through the my basic needs that will make my life easy and yet meet the demands of office work. The thought actually triggered off when one of my friends posted in Facebook on the unfortunate closure of a very popular entertainment retail chain in Kolkata viz. Music World. That particular store in Park Street was really the first major exposure in Kolkata to having a good ‘experience’ while exploring CD’s, DVD’s all under one roof equipped with free listening and very friendly staff helping out customers. As is true across similar retailers in countries like UK, technology bring in competition people never thought off even few years ago. However, that’s another topic to discuss another time.

Today’s modern world is all about connectivity, cloud and mobility. Now you need high speed internet (even if you are travelling) at a very affordable price and devices that can ‘tap’ the ever-presence powerful ethereal internet hanging in the air. So, the first thing that you desire for is wi-fi that can boast of high speeds at a low cost or powerful mobile networks capable of doing the same (but they are still quite costly). To me, this should be considered under the definition of ‘basic infrastructure’ needed in any city.

For users like me, gone are those days when you needed big, heavy desktops or laptops to perform office functions or personal work. You need those applications available to the users without any local installations and hence you can actually shrink down the sizes of the devices. All you need are applications hosted up in the cloud and access of the same through high speed internet. And of course, you will be thrilled if you don’t have to carry those heavy laptops – instead take some small devices (not “too small” to my liking) which can host some applications to connect to the cloud and use them on an ‘on-demand’ basis.


Frankly, I am currently writing this using all the above combinations through a very portable ‘mini-tab’ equipped with a similar sized Bluetooth connected keyboard (for ease of typing), calling the application for this blog through the cloud and using the wi-fi services to post my data to the external world.

The basic demands of human beings change from generation after generation … and as we still fight for food-clothing-shelter, the current and coming generations will start demanding for connectivity-cloud-mobility more and more.

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