Behaving like vultures…

Today the daughter of Mr. Nelson Mandela’s reacted to the picture of a huge number of international media outside the hospital as vultures waiting for the death of a lion. I tend to sympathise with her feelings and can understand her reaction, which is quite strong. Here is the legendary figure in the modern world fighting for his life in the hospital and with age not being his side, probably the inevitable is about to happen. But then if you have a media piling up to cover the first breaking news of a sad news, it does look like vultures waiting for their prey slowly coming to an end.

This basically raise a question in my mind, a question on ethics. Has tremendous competition forced human mankind to forego basic ethics and values to the extent that there are people who want to encash a sad news to their benefits ? Is the “survival of the fittest” mode of life had pushed us to the extreme that a person can proudly write on his or her CV that he/she was the first person to cover the breaking news of a demise of a prominent person of the modern world ?

As a human being, I cannot wish for anybody’s end… and hope that Mr Mandela stays healthy as long as possible… and also hope that the basic ethics of human begins do return back to normalcy as soon as possible.

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