When life stands still….

Two recent events made me feel that life sometimes stands still… frozen in time… history in a snapshot… and yet life goes on besides you disregarding the frozen piece of history just lying besides you and quite ignorant of the progress of the human civilisation.

Recently had been to Munich and was working with the German team at office and after two days realised a piece of a broken wall just lying outside in a lawn with something written in German on that. That looked weird, specially within the German culture where everything is always precise and in place. While enquiring with my German friends found out to my utter surprise that was a piece of the Berlin wall standing alone in an office, where people work on everything except the wildest thought that there might be a big part of history just outside the window. Could not resist taking a picture and touching that man made symbol of infringement of basic human right of freedom and options. That was one incident when I thought that time was all frozen in that piece of concrete which divided life into haves and have nots.

Sharing a picture below which shows West German side of the wall and the second picture of the East German side of the wall.



Next incident was when I saw a family in the airport. A family where the older generation shows a traditional Sikh family with the younger generation as modern as they can be. The generation gap was obvious and quite deep. When the parents or grand parents left Punjab and India way back in the seventies, they carried with them that part of India which was prevalent during that time. After that, time froze for the parents and they probably stuck to that version of their tradition of seventies and still believed in that even after forty years. Hence the beliefs, the culture, the tradition of the seventies was up for display over two generations when the world, even the same old Punjab and India has changed much during that time. People do tend to hold that snapshot of history which was present during the time they were forced to leave due to whatever reason.

These two thoughts made me believe that time does freeze… occasionally ….

These are all personal views of me and is not meant to hurt anyone

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  1. I didn’t realize that pieces of the Berlin wall are kept at other cities in Germany as well. Must have been a unique experience. Do you remember the breaking of the Berlin wall which we had seen in “The World This Week” on television? And that picture of a lady jumping down from the top of the wall into the Western side?

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