It is high time that the political parties in India build up credibility with the common man on the streets. That is needed for the proper functioning of a huge country within the governance framework defined within the constitution. The youth of India are a different lot as compared to the generation we had 30 years ago, when our politicians were the youth. The faster this realisation comes, the better it will be for the political parties to reconnect with the people so that the common man can restore his faith back on the parties they are forced to vote for during the elections.

Today’s world is very much different than what we had even 10 years ago. Internet and information is now available at the click of a button – and no longer restricted to the limited access of desktops and laptops. Most of the middle class youth today owns a mobile and many of that population have versions of a smart-phone where access to internet and social media are part of day to day life. Today’s youth are more confident of themselves and have strong opinions which can potentially raise lot of movements within their social circles. Today women are more forthright and are no longer willing to take things for granted – they are rising to be equals and rightfully so. Hence, if we believe that today’s generation, equipped with technology, are the same as our parents, then everyone will be mistaken.

Today, we do not get fooled by false promises, we do not get fooled by the theatrics of our politicians, we do not get carried away by the ‘awe’ of our political leaders and family dynasties ruling politics. Today, we can analyse news and incidents ourselves and do not need others to force their opinion on us. Today we are more forthright on expressing what is right and what is wrong. Today we are more empowered by information and hence we are less likely to take things for granted.

Hence, it is important that political parties understand that and gauges the feelings of the people. They still might survive by using their political power and muscle power to lower down rightful protests – however, on the long run, with the actions and arrogance being shown by these leaders, what they are doing is nothing but more harm to themselves only. It will not be too much in the future when our political parties gets totally cut-off with the people whom they are forced to woo when it comes to elections.

It is time NOW for our political ecosystem to understand, reconnect and build credibility with the people …. and this can be only done by concrete, swift actions without politicising human emotions. Otherwise I can foresee pockets of defiance against the lawmakers and politicians which can spread very quickly across cities and towns to become a force which will be difficult to tackle without taking a big toll on human life and dignity … and God forbid, if that day comes, it will be am uprising that we will all like to forget.

Hence, in this day of grief, my request to our leaders is to ACT NOW against crime, corruption and build positive politics for the good of our nation and the people.

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