Corruption Allegations

Indian political horizon is currently under a big storm – with potential impacts more than what we have recently seen with Sandy in US. This storm is man-made – made by one Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the leader of a newly founded political party whose priority is to “expose” the reverend and famous politicians and industrialists who hog the headlines all the time. Whether these are actual exposures or not, we do not know; but I am sure these are very serious allegations of corruption.

Now the question being asked repeatedly by many sections is that this kind of ‘politics’ is baseless, waste of time and brooded with lots of negativity across the entire Indian leadership. Even our respected but most-of-the-time-silent Prime Minister mentioned recently that lot of negativity around corruption which are being published by the media will cause very severe negative market sentiments and negative perception to the extent that the foreign investors might stop the flow of FDI in India, which may result in less and lesser economic growth.

Very true.

But my question is that even if 10% of these allegations are true, then we can hold our head high in the international world mentioning that India is ruled by looters, very sophisticated ones indeed. Those who live their daily lives in India definitely will agree that corruption is rampant and everywhere – whether it is limited to a bribe of Rs 50/- or Rs 500 crores is something determined by the level of the transaction being carried out. On the other hand, if the allegations are indeed false, then Mr. Kejriwal should be jailed and probably hanged to death.

Only time will tell the course of action – but most of the citizens of India do have this negativity on the topic of corruption. Hence, it will definitely be interesting to actually follow the dramatic allegations coming almost every week and check out whether there is a logical conclusion (either positively or negatively) or whether this will go to a logical lengthy process of natural death (like the proven justice route of a video-taped terrorist activity is taking years after years and the person who has killed so many people in Mumbai perhaps still enjoy the occasional biryani served in prison !)

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