The dreams goes on and on ….

The curtains are dropping down the horizon
Destiny has played with some
Some had tears of happiness while others had of disappointment
Yet the dreams go on and on ….

The sun will rise again tomorrow to alight a fresh new day
Morning sky will be lit by the white clouds
The smell of the dew will die down slowly
The sweat will start to drip from the faces
Yet the dreams go on and on …..

The struggle and fight continues
The quest for excellence envelops the fatigue of the human body
The limitless sky calls for perfection
And we fight on for another day
As tomorrow will come after four years
And our dreams will go on and on

Till the day we reach our dreams
We strive along the flowing river of commitment
And reach out our hands for your support
When we meet again, we will fight and yet be friends
As our dreams will go on and on ….

See you there after four years to share our dreams

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