The modern era revolution ?

The world is going through a tough time with lot of potentially big issues that can destabilise the modern day society. The world is today integrated in a matter that did not exist so much even twenty years ago. The inter dependency of countries are intertwined through many channels – whether it is through import and export or through dependency of resources (both natural and human skills) or through political compulsions that trigger lot of funding across nations, the fact remains that we are all nodes of a huge interconnected network and we cannot build enough firewalls to insulate ourselves … Continue reading The modern era revolution ?


Apologising in a definitive time frame

Today I bumped into an article where a video advertisement made in Argentina is causing big tension between England and Argentina. Apparently that advertisement showed an Argentine hockey player practising in the Falkland Islands in front of british memorial and was apparently demeaning towards the soldiers who died in the eighties during the Falkland Island war. Another war of words has started between the two nations, with one demanding an explanation (which I am sure is meant as an apology) and the other questioning the very morality of the war that happened thirty years ago and hence why apologise for … Continue reading Apologising in a definitive time frame