Resurrection ?

I am not sure what is the exact meaning of the word resurrection, but I think that it is normally associated with the other ethereal world as people  often say that a person had resurrected from the dead. People knowing me will swear that I do not take life that seriously as I personally believe that life is a journey where you tend to collect the goodies on the way while laughing and enjoying the journey. This non stop babble basically is trying to say that I have resurrected from lethargy when it comes to expressing my thoughts in a virtual world, that serious people define as blog !

The uncertainty of the events of life is something that people cannot predict and hence the course of life’s journey its something you don’t try to control. Rather it its you as an individual who will tend to adjust to make yourself comfortable in this journey. The sooner you do, the better it is for you. That is why human beings who are more flexible in adjusting himself is probably more happy than the others. As otherwise you will be always grumbling that this should have been working differently, I cannot take this anymore, etc.

And hence here I am back to express my opinions freely to the rest of the world. Hope there are some people who will hear some part of it, some day :-)

In case you have forgotten how I look, or how this lack of presence for last few months have affected me, I am attaching a recent photograph to reassure you that I am loud and alive, kicking hard as
ever !!


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