Not knowledge, but Information is Power !

When we were in our teens and starting to bunk college, we were often told about a phrase which supposedly defined professional life and the growth of an individual in the never-ending rat race of success – the phrase was “knowledge is power”. I still remember that our community had two distinct school of thought on this – one supporting the cause and the other clearly opposing that. Of course, the noble opinion was that which opposed the motion – simply because you could feel the greatness within yourself when you could claim that you helped someone grow up the knowledge ladder because of your greatness in sharing the limited knowledge you had on a particular subject. Apart from the feel-good factor, there was obviously the phenomenon of teaming and helping each other which made this school much more glorified than normal.

But with the advent of internet and the ease of accessibility through mobile phones and tablets made me think if really knowledge is power or not. Reason being that by a mere click, you can get the fundamentals or a basic knowledge of any subject you might be looking for – whether its the know how of how a digital camera works to Einstein’s theory of relativity or Marxism, it does not matter. You have all the basic knowledge that can take you through a normal discussion either with a client or with your friends, where your immaculate knowledge depth keeps on impressing them day and night. Then there are sights like “how stuff works” which basically serves the purpose of an internet encyclopedia or equivalent. Even if you get bored by reading stuff on the internet, or cannot concentrate hard on a tough and complex subject by going through lots of figures and diagrams enveloped within a sea of text; most of the times you will get attractive video clips in sites like You Tube and likes. You now have all tools and options to make knowledge acquiring quite attractive and easy. Finally even if you do not know the sites where you can find useful information, you will get a virtual guidance through fantastic innovations we often describe as “search engines”, where companies like Google outpace its own competitors.

So, if you ask me on the subject of knowledge and power in the 21st century, I would rephrase that and say that the turn of the century has evolved the world knowledge with internet and probably today’s world will stand up and say “Information is power”, simply because knowledge can be easily “acquired” using online technologies, but you now need to keep track of latest trends and information – as based on these trends and information, you can go on and get the knowledge through several clicks.

What do you think ?

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  1. I think the real power will be to develop abilities to grasp things quickly. We are soon moving to an age when we will be spending less time on a subject (not by choice but by compulsion). We will also have information at our fingertips. The most successful ones will be the one who can go through this information quickly and make meaningful summary out of these stuffs. Like the real good business managers can sit through a boring, detailed 110 slide presentation for three hours and then go back to the most relevant 5-6 slides and ask the most relevant questions.

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