What are you doing now-a-days ?

Very often, when people meet each other after a long time, you undoubtedly listen to the question “what are you doing now-a-days ?” – isn’t it ? While we reply to that in our own ways (which basically means in our own “defensive” or “bragging” way), I often thought what exactly do people mean when they actually ask the question. Well, I have interpreted the same in a kind of way, which probably will mean something idiotic to most of the people. So, at the risk of being defined as an idiot, let me take the risk with my explanation.

Whoever asks you the question actually tries to ask you “how ‘big’ you are in your company or society ?”, they mean to ask “have you bought an five-million worth property”; they mean to ask “whether your car is the latest in-thing in the city”; they mean to ask “whether your salary slip has enough zeroes to make someone envious”; they mean to ask “what’s your STATUS across your own world” ………. and then depending upon our nature, we either tend to inflate on what we have achieved so far or tend to become ‘defensive’ under the umbrella of modesty.

Most people tend to ‘measure’ the position in the famous ‘rat-race’ .. the race to become ‘big’ … but one of my friends had posted a fantastic dialogue in Facebook “even if you win the rat-race; you, at the end of the day, is nothing but a rat” … and we, rat’s, always try to ‘measure’ up the other rat just to check whether we have already ‘overtaken’ all other rats who are your peers.

I feel that we should modify the question to “How much happy are you ?” … because if we have achieved the personal target of ‘happiness’, then there will not be any tension on any rat-race, nor will anyone be a winner or a loser … all of us will be then HAPPY and I personally believe that if we can tell “I am happy” moments before our death, we then have lived life king-size !

So, let me ask you now “How much happy are you ?” 

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  1. true…happiness is a state of mind…we define the standards…so it’s relative and not absolute…we have to be smarter with our definition :)

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