The 92 day blockage

Let me tell you a medieval age story. There was a small state within a big country which did not have much of natural resources, except for the glimpses of nature. This was a state that was housed on top of the mountains, cradled in the envelope of soft clouds and bathed in the morning sunshine. The people living there yearns for simple and happy living like all other people situated across the world. As agriculture is difficult on the mountains, as industry growth is limited because of lack of resources, the living of the people depended on tourism and on the supplies that came from the rest of the country. The supplies came from one major road which connected the state with the big country.

As always, any happy community will have its own share of problems and there were dissidents also living in the state who had their own sets of demands. The muscle power was quite strong for these dissidents and they often controlled the happenings of those simple families who just earned for some food and the rest happiness was their responsibility. These dissidents became powerful and was very often fighting with the bigger country. As always, the king of bigger country was busy in getting his gains from the growth of the countrymen and hence the issues of this small state was always neglected. The reason was that this state was never a “rich investment” simply because the returns were never there to the kings coffers. Who cares about the happiness of common people ? The king never cared …

Now to put pressure on the king, the dissidents blocked the only road where supplies used to come to the state. What happened after that was obvious – the prices of simple food soared up by 200% in a few days; most of the simple but poor people struggled to fill up their stomachs; their happiness vanished within a few days and life became so miserable.

However, the king was “busy” in doing many things and never cared to hear the despair shouts from the people of this state. Inspite of being part of his kingdom, the king never carried out his duties of looking after the poor people and allowed him to be “dictated” by the dissidents.

The only irony was that this blockade continued for 92 days – more than 3 months !! Before someone finally woke up and resolved this blockage. The crisis was over but the trust and belief of the people was broken down forever.

Now – imagine the situation happening in 2011 in modern world, where words and stories can pass across the world by click of a button; where the king has the power to put off blockades by any means and where this same problem can be resolved in 2 days – isn’t it ? Specially when the world knows that this one national highway is the bloodline of the entire state !

Well, this incident actually happened few days back in the state of Manipur in India, where the blockade ACTUALLY happened for 92 days and at the end of the day, nobody is accountable and nobody cares. After these kind of incidents, we all feel why there are so much dissidents in the north-east states !

The rest of the story is all true ……

Sometimes, my head bows down with shame as an Indian … This is one of those days …

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