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Let me discuss something very weird and to an extent funny – firstly, this has nothing to do with Sachin Tendulkar’s personal wealth – everybody knows that he is one of the richest sportsman in India and deservedly he has earned all that by performing over so many years. Today wanted to explore whether Sachin’s performance has any linkage to the unpredictable and ever volatile India stock market. Sounds funny ? I am sure it does and some of the statistics shown here would suggest that there might be a direct linkage between his centuries and the rise and fall of the stock market. Some people have already done some study related to this topic and I will be just publishing some of the excerpts of those articles and providing the details of those sources.

## Source: – an article written sometime in 2011

“Sachin Tendulkar has got 94 centuries in International Cricket so far. He has certainly has had an impact on all over India, and over the other cricketing nations. We performed an analysis of the day Sachin Tendulkar hits a century, and the movement in the Stock Market (SENSEX) the very next day. Although Sachin hit his first International century in the year 1990, but India got its LPG policy in the year 1991. So, in all the 93 centuries that were hit during the Stock Market era of India, gave the following statistics:

SENSEX Rises: 55 Times
SENSEX Falls: 38 Times
SENSEX Flat: 1 Time

Sachin was at its peak during the years of 1998-1999, when he had just given up his captaincy. During these years Sachin hit 23 Centuries. Coincidentally at this time the Asian economy was under the effect of Recession due to the Asian Financial Crisis. 16 of those 23 centuries, the stock market fell (Although Sachin did try his best). Similarly, in the recent Great Recession of 2007-09, Sachin hit 8 Centuries, of which the Market fell 5 times. So, if we remove all the recessionary forces from the Sachin Tendulkar – Stock Market analysis, we would get the following:

SENSEX Rises: 44 Times
SENSEX Falls: 17 Times
SENSEX Flat: 1 “

What this suggests is whenever Sachin scores a century, it is likely that the stock market  will be rising the following day, provided there is no recession during that time. Even the cricketing God cannot help survive a recession ;-)

## Source:     written sometime in October’ 2010

Here it has been arrived that whenever Sachin scores a century and yet India loses that match, then the loss in the stock market is 20% more than a “normal” day.


So next time when you feel like investing in stocks,  do keep an eye on Sachin’s performance – specially when his 100th century is due :-P

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