The balancing act

The recent but year-long (more than a year ?) crisis at Greece has the potential impact across the world – probably we are already looking at the early symptoms. The stock market in India is hovering around 16000 mark against a 19000 value not so long ago – and this is in a country which is still projected for a 7% growth where many of the other countries are under negative or zero growth. And what we are witnessing in Greece will probably be repeated across various countries if things just cascade down and across.

That brings out the question of the balancing act each government has to think and plan for – the balance between ‘profit’ and ‘work for society’. In blunt terms, whether a country needs to work like a CEO of a corporation where profit and growth are the only key words and where profit means excess funds for further investment; or whether the country needs to look to ‘serve’ the people, even if a majority of the people are not that much ‘productive’ (read as ‘poor’, ‘jobless’, etc) or do not earn a healthy value of revenue per person. Probably, that’s the dilemma each of the governments face – does not matter whether they follow capitalism or socialism. Even the so-called capitalist states like US, UK have so much socialism built within their social security system, that the so-called socialist or semi-socialist states like China or India will find hard to believe !

Even within an extended family, we will find family members having different levels of cash-flows – and unless the family shares the ‘burden’ amongst themselves, some of the members might be under debt and some might be using a 100 buck note to light a cigarette ! Again, here is the balancing act ….

If we extend this concept from a 15-20 member family to a nation of say 100 million, the problem becomes really complex – isn’t it ? And what happens if we extend this to a group of nations trying to follow a common philosophy and currency like that of the European Union ? The resolution to the problem becomes so much difficult, even when all the members say “we will all help each other to play the balancing act”. In case any member says “I am doing well myself and hence I am not in a position to help another one”, what happens ? You can guess !

So, basically we are playing the balancing act within our own spheres and so are the nations. This balancing act will never go – but hypothetically, if all the members are of “equal” prosperity and having no ‘inequality’, then there is no need of any balancing act – as balance needs to happen only when there is an inequality. But, I added the word ‘hypothetical’ as inequality will be always there in a practical world and equality is an utopian concept ….

Hence, let’s try learn the balancing act as much as possible – because we will all need that at some point of time (if not experienced already) …

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