The battle of FTG+

If you are wondering what is FTG+, let me break the suspense : that’s my abbreviation for the most talked-about social networking sites : Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Why most talked about ? Well, the number says all :

“More than 200 million tweets are written every day by 100+ million users on Twitter while the
numbers are even more impressive for Facebook. The 800+million users of Facebook like and share more than 2 billion posts per day. Google+ is growing at an impressive rate but is still a relatively small player with 43 million users.”

Obviously the battle is on to be the most popular site ever which will appeal to all generations, young and old. Who will win the battle to emerge as the champion of champions remains to be seen, but let me share my perspective being active user in Twitter and Facebook and also a ‘try’er in Google+

I will not go into what I liked and disliked into each of the contenders – but I think Twitter is a different model of social networking as compared to the other two. It is more “public” in nature and less privacy surrounding it as all the tweets are accessible to anyone and everyone who would like to follow you. I prefer to use Twitter more to follow breaking news, global financial markets, happenings in the internet and mobile world rather than interacting with my friends and family members. I see Twitter as a powerful tool for superstars (can be film stars, sportsmen, TV anchors, etc) to keep “in touch” with their fan following. I also used to initially follow quite a few of them – but when I found that their tweets are mostly promotions of their next films, events and tending to say ‘see, how great I am’, I got sick of this and have stopped following them. It’s mainly news and hard facts following now-a-days.

I tried G+ when my friend sent me an invite during their beta release. Obviously, like any fresh tool, I got excited with its new and fresh user interface and liked the concept of circles, wherein you can follow / subscribe to people whom you want, apart from sharing posts, thoughts with friends and others. But ultimately, I was not convinced why I should migrate from Facebook when there will be a need of huge data migration, huge migration of my friends in FB after they got convinced in G+. I even shared a provocative post there questioning the above – but nobody could give me a convincing answer.

Now I am sure Facebook is learning many things from G+ – and they are slowly adapting to them. Otherwise why they will come up with the idea of “subscribe”, more control on your posts, etc ? I am now a FB user for more than 3 years, well “settled” with family and friends, can access with easy blackberry application (haven’t seen a G+ application for blackberry yet) and have started enjoying the new concepts of subscribe, private groups, chats (textual plus video), etc. So, why the hell should I try to move now to another networking site of G+ when maybe most of my friends and families might not move ? Even if I move, what will happen to my rich history of posts, notes, data points that is already there in FB ?

Hence to me, the battle is already won by Facebook simply because they were the early entrants, already have a huge user base, already have huge number of “families” settled with their own virtual worlds, have thought of innovations related to access through applications across platforms (whether be it for Apple, for Android, for BlackBerry, etc) and till date, have not done anything so stupid that will “force” people to “migrate” to somewhere else.

So, let’s wait and watch how the other sites fight for the top spot in next 3-5 years ….. Till that time, let me continue to enjoy the virtuality in a platform where I have my “family” already established.

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