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Perfect Size

Perfect Size

Just by looking at the picture, if you are thinking that I will be discussing on health or body-building, you will be mistaken for sure. I am sure everybody yearns for the perfect size in anything and everything which can attract the caption of “size matters”. Come on, this is a blog for any family member and hence please do not wander your mind too much. Okay okay, let me break the suspense before you start suffering from sleepless nights.

Very often I do wonder on what can be the perfect size for a blog post ? Is 500 words a good benchmark or is 250 is more than enough ? Tough one for me – as I am still struggling to unravel the modern day mystery.

Now before I proceed with my thoughts, I want to share with you all my best kept secret. Whenever I convert my thoughts into black and white (basically trying to say “when I write”), I do it spontaneously. I rarely review my article, except for doing an online spell-check (long live spell check functionality). And I rarely do any research (read ‘google’ – that’s the most appropriate synonym for research in the modern world). Because my philosophy is that I write because I feel like writing. I don’t write because I want you to read ! Come on ! I am not trying to offend you – I am simply stating my blogging philosophy which till this moment was my life’s preciously guarded secret.

Coming back to the main topic of size ! Sometimes I feel that a blog should be quite long as then only people will value the effort behind it and also the thought that the writer has researched enough to write this biiiiiiiiiiiiggggg blog. It’s like the funda that we had during history exams – the longer you write, the more number you will get. God knows whether the examiners actually kept weighing machines to evaluate the poor students.

But this logic suddenly became weak when I imagined myself as a reader of any article. I always lose my patience after I read 3 paragraphs – don’t know why ! Must visit a doctor soon to ‘cure’ this disease – any suggestions ? But if most of the readers are like me, they will never read a big article. So, BIG IS CRAP !

Then it must be size doesn’t matter ! I am sure many men and women will be so happy is this is actually applicable for anything in life. Ohhhhh ! This is a family site ….. Oops ! Sorry !

But is really a small article of say 200 words attractive for a blog ? Naaahhh ! People will say that this is nothing but say 10 tweets put together. And as most of the tweets are crap (as the tweeters seem to say ‘see, how I am so great”), then 10 tweets will be more crap. You need not be a mathematician to claim that this will be 10 times crap as compared to a crappy tweet ! So, SMALL IS CRAP !

OMG ! Where will I go ? How do I get the answer to this question ? Will this remain a surprise in line with many other surprises ? Well, my conscience (believe me, I do have one) is telling me that the perfect size is one which is only ‘felt’ by the writer – the size comes automatically when you have expressed your opinion completely.

What do you think ? I am sure you all will have different opinion as one size doesn’t fit all !

PS: I have already consumed more than 590 words just to express my opinion on SIZE ! Shame on me !

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