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The issue that has been raging in India for years has been corruption. You might argue that the noises against corruption has risen recently – maybe true, but we all know that one of the big menace that India as a nation face is the rising trend of corruption. You and I face that probably every day in our lives – whether you apply for a new phone connection, whether you try to upgrade your electricity meter capacity, whether you want to pay your road-tax, whether you want to change your property ownership – everywhere it is that you give money, then only things will move; otherwise you spend a month in that office, you will see that nothing is moving at all.

Nothing new – isn’t it ? And if you then step back for a moment, you will realise that there is one common factor amongst all the above incidents of corruption – 99% of those incidents arise when you start dealing with government offices or public sector organisations. The opening of our economy in the 1990’s have forced certain behavioral changes in some sectors, specially in the banks, but the overall work culture, productivity is still pathetic. But with some money greasing, things are much better.

Why is it that we all knew about this for long and yet have been a silent spectator ? Well, my personal opinion is that Indians have now been accustomed to this culture and have been sponsoring a “chalta hain” attitude. How many times you and I have been a victim of corruption or have seen such incidents, then cribbed about it before side-stepping away ? I am sure the answer will be quite obvious, isn’t it ?

But what we are witnessing in recent times surrounding the Lokpal bill is unique and to some extent revolutionary ! In my lifetime, I haven’t seen any movement that has forced spontaneous participation from ordinary citizens – the poor and rich, the illiterate and the educated, the introvert and the extrovert – everybody is feeling that we need to do something and Anna Hazare has provided us the vehicle to act. The marches that we are seeing, the rallies that we are watching, the passion we are witnessing – all of this is without any compulsion, without the intervention of any political parties !

The corrupt politicians over the last 64 years have failed to provide a system which in general is not corrupt. Instead, they have been instrumental in triggering the most corrupt financial scams that the country has witnessed. And yet, they have the audacity to challenge the voices of the people of the country, the same people who have made them MP’s and MLA’s. Very often, it is said that politicians are shameless; well, I would say they are shamefully shameless. Of course, there are exceptions within the politician community, but in general, they are probably the most corrupt people and hence, they are the most vocal community to speak against the Jan Lokpal.

The below picture might not be 100% accurate, but definitely have accuracy to the extent of 80%-90% and even if we take a 50% accuracy, the amount that went as bribes and corruption to our politicians and their cronies will be staggering !!

For the last 24 hours, I was doing some research to find out the differences between the Jan Lokpal created by the voices of the common man and that of the Government, which lacks transparency and probably does not take into account the feedback from the citizens. I am sharing some of the interesting articles and documents for you to go through and make your opinion on which is the best to have as a citizen of any country !

Jan Lokpal vs Government’s version

Touching upon the \”controversial\” points

Forget whether you support or belong to a political party. I would believe that the choice between the two bills is quite obvious. But, whatever might be your opinion, the time has come in the history of an independent India … the time to see whether the citizens can “force” a law to be passed or whether be ‘happy’ with a law forced by the politicians.

If Egypt can bring a transformation, why can’t we do that ? Let’s give a BIG push and try !

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  1. i don’t agree with the present Jan Lokpal…it cannot become an institution in itself that is more powerful than the elected govn…it should be modified….but the govn’s version is horrible…we cannot let it pass…

  2. The reason why I am supporting Jan Lokpal is that our government and politicians for last 64 years have not done much to be proud of. We definitely have progressed, but we could have progressed much further, if our politicians were honest and not involved in diverting money from progressive activities. If our system over last 64 years could not provide a framework wherein corrupt people (politicians, government officials, etc) are punished for their deeds, then definitely we need a system to ‘police’ them.

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