Freedom now !

The journey from 1947 to 2011 has been long and steady, fulfilling promises and aspirations and yet troubled at parts. And I am sure that this road will go on and on for many more years to come – because, we and our country have fundamentally that patience, respect of other’s views to survive the onslaught of time.  But still as a free Indian, I want Freedom NOW from some important aspects of my simple life.

First is the embarrassment of subjugation & defeat of our beloved cricket team. We can lose matches – that’s not the point. But we cannot be literally toyed by our opponents in all departments of the game, match after match – and that too when we were supposed to be the World Number 1 in the same version of the game ! Come on, it becomes difficult for me to speak to my English or Australian friends – always have to change the discussion topic to UK riots or Australian sledging to save my back. I want freedom from cricket embarrassment !

The next one is also related to sports – for a very localised rivalry that many of my friends might not be knowing as well. We cannot have a scenario when East Bengal loses to Mohan Bagan – naahhhhhhh, not acceptable. The players, the coaches, the officials must understand that after each match, I have to go home, have to go to office, have to meet my friends – hence, they will understand the amount of tension, the amount of mental harassment I have to go through after each match. Good that we are still 20+ better in our head-to-head records, but who knows what lies in the future. If we cannot win, we should always settle in a draw – at least I can then say “okay, this time we have let you guys pass through” ……

Many people like roller coaster rides – I DO NOT ! If you ask me the reason, then I should say honestly that I don’t know – but the end of the day, I do not like such rides. But recently, I am forced to have two such rides on a daily basis … this is too much ! If you are wondering that I am on a great big holiday, well, you are mistaken. I am referring to the roller-coaster ride I am forced to have while going to office and coming back. Haven’t understood yet ? I am referring to a road popularly called “Bypass” – whose condition is in an ideal condition for a true bypass operation. That’s why I hate to go to office – don’t know what reason I will give if the road condition is improved ….

Do we all eat to live or live to eat ? Well, I am a strong believer of the latter and hence, like any true Bengali, I look for any occasion, small or big, to feast on to something delicious. But for that, I want freedom from all the pathological centers situated all over the city who claim to carry out cholesterol, sugar tests – but actually acts like a contract-killer. They systematically drive a person insane by showing high levels of certain invisible things residing inside the human body but has the potential to do harm … remember the word “potential” – no one can guarantee that, but everyone uses that word “potential”

I love to lead a straight and simple life and hence go by straight and honest predictions. That is why, I want freedom from the meteorological department who specialises in predicting weather. They do have that subject matter expertise on weather prediction to such an extent that their wives carry out the opposite behaviour based on their prediction. Generally, I want freedom from that entire community.

Since Bengal and Bengali’s have a strong cultural background and comes from the land of Rabindranath, Nazrul, Atulprasad, Rajanikanta, etc, everybody feels that every Bengali can sing very well. I want freedom from people making that assumption – as this will help me survive some toughest moments in my life – much severe than my ragging during the engineering days.

Finally, I want freedom from taking any pledges on Independence Day knowing very well that I will forget that the very next day. I am an honest man and hence cannot take a pledge which will have a life span of less than 24 hours !

So, while I proudly sing (silently, just because my singing can bring the best chorus from the dogs in my locality) our national anthem with you all, I am hoping that I will be soon free from the above aspects of my life !


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