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Films reflect the happenings of our society – it’s a mirror of the current happenings, the positives and the negatives of our current society. Hence, films are nothing but us – you and me; and this realisation is not a rocket science invention. Very often, some of the films do touch us quite deeply – this happens because we as individuals either feel very strongly about the theme of the film or we are often ‘victims’ of life on the same issues that are depicted so strongly in the movie. Films are really a ‘strong’ story-teller in all respects.

Recently watched the movie “Zindagi Na Mile Dubara” – the overall theme of the film was that of many others including the hit “3-Idiots”. All it says is Do What You Want To Do … go for what makes you happy and pursue your dreams. A simple yet powerful philosophy – simple because even a school kid will know this, powerful because very often the more matured adults gets coerced into doing something totally different in the race called life.

Why do people always call jobs as a rat-race ? Maybe it’s a race towards reaching the top and in that process edging out others, sometimes legally, sometimes illegally. But I am sure the real significance of the definition is the word ‘rat’ – even if you win or lose this race, at the end of the day, you live the life of a ‘rat’ ! You become a RAT ! And while in the peak of your career, you very often look behind the path which could have been your path of life – and then gulp down some drinks, or take a few deep breaths and again you carry on being the RAT the very next day … It’s also sometimes called as “Abhimanyu’s Chakrabuha” – you know to enter the vicious circle, but don’t know how to exit. The only exit route you know is when you exit the orbit of life.

Why is this so difficult to achieve ? Is it that monetary and positional excellence is too tempting ? Is it that the ‘pressure’ of life forces you to always follow a path which is always about how to increase your bank balance and / or how to become a boss – from a ‘small’ boss to a big ‘boss’ to a bigger ‘boss’ and so on ?

When is the last time when you spent valuable time with your best college friends ? When is the last time when you did not think of deadlines, but just put your arms on the shoulders of your best friend ? When is the last time when you did not talk about a client presentation, but just talked nonsense with its quota of gaali’s with your friend circle ? When is the last time you did not think of your elegant dress getting spoilt by sitting on a dirty bench with your classmate’s and having a good laugh ?

If the answers to the above questions comes with an answer of “last time was more than 6-7 months ago (if not years)”; then I can only say DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ! 

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